2017 High Holy Days | Services at Kol Shofar

Kol Shofar has services for everyone this 2017 High Holy Day season at our main location on Blackfield Drive: from the more traditional service to musical meditation, plus youth and family programs:

Beit Am (Traditional) Service
with Rabbi Susan Leider
& Rabbinic Intern Sam Rotenberg
Musical Meditation
with Rabbi Chai Levy
& The Band
Soulful communal singing resonates in this "Come one, come all" experience for mind, body and soul. Contemporary teachings enhance beautiful commentaries in the Mahzor Lev Shalem (A Prayerbook for the Full Heart), which includes many of the Hebrew prayers transliterated into English. Draw closer to ancient prayers and readings as community members share their own spiritual journeys.Meditative chanting and a participatory Torah service make this service highly accessible and spiritually deep. Teachings, explanations, and inspirations are woven together with beautiful music to stir your soul and open your heart.

No Hebrew knowledge is required to experience the transformative wisdom of the High Holy Days.
Rabbi Susan Leider

Rabbi Susan Leider
Rabbi Chai Levy

Rabbi Chai Levy
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Rabbinic Intern Sam Rotenberg

Rabbinic Intern Sam Rotenberg
Kol Shofar High Holy Days Musical Meditation Musician Judy BergerJudy Berger is a Past President of Kol Shofar who loves to sing a variety of music. She co-founded the popular Lovin’ Harmony Trio, which performs around the Bay Area.
Kol Shofar High Holy Days Musical Meditation Musician Eva OrbuchEva Orbuch grew up attending Kol Shofar & has studied hand drumming with a variety of talented teachers from different cultural backgrounds. She is also a community organizer.
Kol Shofar High Holy Days Musical Meditation Musician Surya PrakashaSurya Prakasha traveled the world before settling in the Bay Area to play jazz & work with at-risk youth. He is the drummer for Bolo & believes music is a powerful tool to be in service to others.
Kol Shofar High Holy Days Musical Meditation Musician Dave RosenfeldDave Rosenfeld is a multi-instrumentalist who specializes in Eastern European folk music. He also plays at services & celebrations, teaches & composes for radio/film. Learn more
Kol Shofar High Holy Days Musical Meditation Musician Roger Sideman
Roger Sideman is a Bay Area bassist &social worker. He plays weddings, parties, simchas & spiritual services with his band Shamati.
Kol Shofar High Holy Days Musical Meditation Musician Diane Yermack
Diane Yermack is a member of Kol Shofar, as well as a mezzo soprano with 30 years training in classical & Jewish liturgy.
Kol Shofar High Holy Days Musical Meditation Musician Illana Zauderer ParkerIllana Zauderer Parker is celebrating her 15th year changing Kol Nidre on behalf of Kol Shofar. A professional singer, actress & voice teacher, Illana has a new album called "Double Dare." Learn more

We are pleased to offer a special meditation hour on Yom Kippur with Ilene Serlin and Judy Berger. Embodying Our Prayers will be held on Saturday, September 30, from 2:30 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. and will enable you to stretch and move as we sing selected prayers from the Musical Meditation Service. It is designed to be individually meditative and community-building.  

For a full list of services, click here. For tickets, click here.

Kol Shofar is the Bay Area’s spiritual home for the High Holy Days!