Committees & Chavurot


Following is a list of some of the ways we at Kol Shofar can get to know each other better. For information about these activities or to let us know your ideas to increase connectedness, contact Dawn  at (415) 388-1818, ext.100 OR at

Baking Chavurah: A Chavurah for Kol Shofar members to engage with one another indiscussions while baking cookies and cakes for upcoming Shabbatot

The vision for this Chavurah is that like-minded folks will get a chance to do a mitzvah for our community by preparing desserts for future kiddushes while enjoying one another’s company and engaging one another in impromptu discussions. My experience in the kitchen is such that I can easily envision elevating one another, while we do the mitzvah of helping to feed our extended Kol Shofar family. (Baking and freezing works wonderfully well).

Contact the front office for our monthly schedule. We usually meet on a Thursday.
~Barbara Schwartz.

Click here for photos of our games with Rodef Sholom.
Join us for the Bay Area Torah Co-Ed Softball Games! A relaxing day picnicking, playing in the park and enjoying meeting new people. Bring your glove, lunch and friends and family. To sign up to play, please contact Steve Sockolov.

Kol Shofar provides mourners with a variety of services and community support. For more information, plus information on our upcoming training, contact the office.

GEMILUT CHESED– This committee helps people when they are sick or have other special needs. For more information about assisting with home-delivered meals, bikur cholim,etc, or if you need assistance, contact the office.

KOL LIMUD Email Discussion Group – A Yahoo! Group for Kol Shofar members. Congregants discussing all kinds of subjects online. Contact Maury Ostroff,

There are many ways to be involved in our wider community, and work with the Marin Organizing Committee. For information, please see our Panim el Panim page.

PARENT ACTIVITIES associated with youth programming and education – contact for more information about ways you can get involved as a parent. Also, we have a Beit Binah committee–a great way to deepen your relationship with the synagogue, AND your child’s education.


TIKKUN OLAM ACTIVITIES – we have many activities that serve the larger community. It’s a great way to help others, and also to make new friends. Click here to learn about Tikkun Olam at Kol Shofar.

Participation on synagogue committees or chavurah is a great way to connect and also to help keep our congregation going.