Employment Opportunities

Congregation Kol Shofar is a dynamic congregation rooted in Jewish traditions. We have served the community for more than 50 years and embrace innovations that enrich contemporary Jewish life. We work in partnership with many organizations in Marin to create meaningful accessible experiences of learning, prayer, service and celebration. We encourage a strong and welcoming community and help people of all ages and diverse backgrounds to live more purposeful lives and improve the world.

Available Positions:

USY/Kadima Advisor

Congregation Kol Shofar is seeking a part-time USY/Kadima youth group advisor who is self-motivated, innovative, and passionate about youth and Jewish life. The Youth Advisor will be an energetic and positive Jewish role model and will create meaningful, inspiring and inclusive programming for our middle and high school students. The Youth Advisor will report to the Director of Life Long Learning and work closely with other members of the synagogue’s educational team, youth commission and lay volunteers.

Candidates should have relevant experience working with youth in this age range. Prior Jewish youth group and/or camping experience as either a participant or a leader is preferred, but not required. This position will require an average of 15-20 hours per month of administrative and planning work, plus regular board meetings (Wednesdays evenings) and at least one event per month. Most programming takes place on evenings and weekends.


  • Strong Jewish background and lifestyle (e.g. Jewish Day School, Jewish camping, Jewish Youth Groups, educational trips to Israel, commitment to Jewish activities in adult life, ability to serve as Jewish role model).
  • Training and experience in youth work (e.g. college courses or job training/experience in adolescence, human/child development, ability to relate to youth).
  • Training and experience in group-work (e.g. college or job training/experience in group dynamics, leadership, supervision).
  • Strong organizational, communicative, and interpersonal skills.
  • Flexibility and enthusiasm.


  1. Work with the USY Board Members to develop, plan and implement effective engaging program that includes education, religious, social, and cultural components.
  2. Plan, implement, and attend at least one chapter program per month. (Planning and implementing includes advance facility reservations, communications to members and potential members, set-up, leadership, and clean up.)
  3. Attend and supervise regional and inter-chapter events and programming (app. 5 weekends), helping to enforce all policies and Jewish standards, including safety, transportation, kashrut, and Shabbat observance.
  4. Account for all expenses and revenues, submitting appropriate documentation and check requests to Director in a timely and responsible manner.
  5. Serve as a Jewish role model by stressing the importance of Jewish values and practice, and promoting youth activities throughout the congregation.
  6. Regularly report to Director and submit written evaluations and attendance lists of all programs within two weeks of program completion.
  7. Maintain close contact with all group members by phone, email, etc., and be accessible to members and their parents. Reach out to members and potential members to ensure growth of youth program membership and increased participation. (This includes calling/emailing all members at the beginning of the year and regularly at least one week before scheduled event deadlines.)
  8. Assist Director in creation of registration materials and record keeping, event fliers, promotions, and any applications for Regional awards.
  9. Serve as strong Jewish educational and mentoring presence, helping to promote and support synagogue communal mission and programs.
  10. Working collaboratively and responsibly with office and teaching staff in collegial and professional manner regarding shared financial, administrative, and communicative duties.

To apply, please send a resume to psteinberg@kolshofar.org


Congregation Kol Shofar is an equal opportunity employer.