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Baking Chavurah: Hamentaschen for Purim

March 1, 2016

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Strudel Lesson with Robin Covello
by Lisa Zukovsky-Deck

September 9, 2015

When was the last time you had a really good slice of Apple Strudel? The kind that arrives at your olfactory sensors fresh from the oven with that incredible blend of cinnamon, citrus, apples, currants, and rich buttery crust?

For a group of MadMensch 2015 auction bidders, the last time was only a few weeks ago at Robin Covelloʼs house. Robin had just recently received First Place at the Marin County Fair in the International Baking Category for her Apple Strudel entry. Shortly thereafter, when auction time rolled around, she volunteered to give a Strudel lesson at her home.

The lucky group of auction bidders in attendance were: Judy Berger, Tessa Cherniss, Gina DʼAngeles, Shirley Ehrlich, Ellen Finestone, Katherine and Newt
Harband, Karen Hirsch, Adam Klapow, Barbara Schwartz, Debra Stadtner, Cynthia Ulman (on a different day), and Lisa Zukovsky-Deck. Alona Bennet, Michal Reihanain, and Laura Century gave their support but were not able to attend. A tantalizing array of farm to table small plate dinner items created by the co-host and chef Andy Klapow were also included in the event.

Everyone had a fantastic time shmoozing it up! And Robinʼs demonstration was brilliant. She even gave out a bonus recipe for the perfect 7-minute pie crust with fruit filling. During the 2 hours it took to create the dough, filling, and crust, friendships were sealed, stories were told, and laughter was heard throughout the night. The only time that the group quieted down was when everyone got around to eating the fresh baked masterpiece. Then there was hushed silence in room as they were all transported to a place where words and thought are replaced with pure epicurean delight. It was a real demonstration of how CKS is about spirit, building relationships, and community. And the great news is, this is only the first of more lessons to come! So next time, you too, can share in the delicious fun.