Involvement Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities at Congregation Kol Shofar

Get involved! Please using the following as a guide to become a volunteer and do a mitzvah. 

Click here to download the full information Makom booklet.

Arts Salon

The Kol Shofar Arts Salon is a new and unique task group that serves as an umbrella for bringing Jewish-based arts, well-known artists, and artists from within the Kol Shofar community whose talents are in various media, to Kol Shofar. Events and programs will stimulate learning, discussion, and community building. If you have an interest in joining this group, or a suggestion for an artist facilitator, performer, or subject, please let us know!

Contact: Ilene Serlin, iserlin at ileneserlin dot com or Diane Yermack, dyermack at cpsych dot com

Bridges to Israel

Become involved with our unique programming and activities about Israel. At Kol Shofar we engage conversation and invite you to bring your own perspective, respect for all opinions and a desire to speak about Israel in a safe environment.

Contact: David Levine, david at davidzvilevine dot com

Chevra Kaddisha

Our Chevra Kaddisha (holy society) are loving and compassionate volunteers who help out when there is a death in our community. They bring comfort or food to those in mourning or to help make a shiva minyan. Some have been trained in the sacred act of preparing a body for burial.

Contact:  Dawn Castelli at dcastelli at kolshofar dot org or (415) 388-1818, ext. 119

Development & Fundraising

Our volunteers help design and implement fundraising activities, including the Capital Campaign, to meet budgetary needs for Kol Shofar.

Contact: info at kolshofar dot org or (415) 388-1818, ext. 106

Gemilut Hesed (Acts of Loving Kindness)

If someone is ill or returning home after surgery or having a baby, our dedicated group of volunteers provides meals. If someone needs a ride to a doctor appointment, or support or home visits when going through a difficult time, they are here to provide an act of loving kindness. You can chose to help whenever you are available

Contact: Rabbi Susan Leider, sleider at kolshofar dot org or (415) 388-1818, ext. 119

Greeters for Shabbat

Volunteer to be a greeter.

Contact: Contact: Barbara Mcentyre at brmcentyre at aol dot com


Welcome new members, represent Congregation Kol Shofar at Marin community holiday celebrations, and/or be a buddy.
Contact: info at kolshofar dot org or (415) 388-1818, ext. 106

Panim el Panim

Panim el Panim (face to face) is an initiative at Kol Shofar whose goal is to create opportunities to get to know each other and learn about one another’s values and concerns.
How do we do that? We encourage congregants to meet one-on-one or in small groups to share their stories and hopes for themselves and their communities. As these conversations take place, congregants might identify shared interests and concerns that they wish to explore further. In some instances, this exploration might lead to joint activities or programs that address them.

Kol Shofar is a founding member of the Marin Organizing Committee (MOC), the Marin County branch of this national movement, whose goal is to work at a local level toward greater community engagement and social change. This commitment is reflective of Kol Shofar’s vision “to teach, inspire, and pursue the principle of Tikkun Olam, the age-old belief that the Jewish People is a partner with God in addressing society’s ills.”

Contact: Gail Dorph, gaildorph at gmail dot com


The primary function of the Ritual Committee is to advise and support the Rabbi regarding issues of religious law and ritual practice at Kol Shofar. The committee also serves as a means for congregants to express concerns and questions regarding issues related to these or areas of synagogue life.

Contact: Larry Yermack, lyermack at gmail dot com

Tikkun Olam

Visit out Tikkun Olam opportunities page by clicking here.