Tikkun Olam

TIKKUN OLAM (Repairing the World)

Kol Shofar offers many opportunities to engage in Tikkun Olam at the synagogue and in our surrounding community, including *REST (Rotating Emergency Shelter Team) * Mill Street Shelter * our Community Garden * Marin Organizing Committee (MOC) * Gemilut Chesed (support for those who are dealing with illness or loss) * Bikkur Cholim (Visiting the Sick) * Chevra Kadisha (Holy Burial Society) * Ongoing food collections and Blood drives * Beach and Park Cleanups * Periodic Shelter Restorations

To volunteer for these projects, please contact the coordinators below. If you have an idea for a new project or for those without a coordinator, please contact the Tikkun Olam Coordinator Steve Lee at (415) 843-1488 or at smmarklee@comcast.net or Rabbi Chai Levy at (415) 388-1818 or clevy@kolshofar.org.

Homelessness & Hunger

  • One Sunday evening a month, from November through April, volunteers prepare and/or serve dinner to men who are spending the night at Westminster Church through the Rotating Emergency Shelter Team (REST) program. To volunteer, please contact Shana Goldberg at (415) 380-8841 or at shanamargolis@yahoo.com.
  • On the fourth Wednesday of the month, volunteers provide a dish to the Mill Street Shelter in San Rafael (part of Homeward Bound of Marin). To volunteer, please contact Anne Zishka at (415) 472-2811or at zishka@comcast.net

Community Garden

Volunteers help build raised beds, plant, prune, water, harvest, and/or deliver our produce to people in need. To volunteer, contact Community Garden Coordinator Tikva Farber at hebrewwithtikva@comcast.net.

Panim El Panim

Kol Shofar is a founding member of The Marin Organizing Committee (MOC), part of a national movement whose goal is to work at a local level toward greater community engagement and social justice. We have named our synagogue’s branch Panim El Panim (Face to Face). This name reflects our belief that creating a community in which we get to know and care about each other’s values and concerns is the springboard to becoming partners with our larger community in caring for and repairing the world. Currently Pamim El Panim are working on issues of healthcare, immigration reform, human trafficking, and a permanent shelter in lieu of REST.To volunteer, please contact Panim El Panim Chair Gail Dorph at (415) 389-8741 or at gaildorph@gmail.com.

Ongoing Blood, Food and Other Drives

We often place barrels in the lobby to collect food for those in need. We also host blood drives. To volunteer for a blood drive, please contact Steve Goldberg at (415) 479-4598 or SteveGoldberg_srca@hotmail.com. If you’re interested in leading or participating in any other drives, please contact Tikkun Olam Coordinator Steve Lee at (415) 843-1488 or at smmarklee@comcast.net.

Gemilut Chesed (Deeds of Loving Kindness)

Gemilut Chesed volunteers at Kol Shofar recognize that through deeds of loving-kindness, we show our love and responsibility to friends and to our community.  By celebrating lifecycle events or by comforting mourners and the ill, we seek connections to one another. We provide meals for the ill or bereaved, visit the sick, and help with errands. To be included on the list of volunteers to be contacted as help is needed, please contact Gemilut ChesedCoordinator Rhea Brown at (415) 389-9121 or at rheabrown1@comcast.net

Bikkur Cholim (Visiting the Sick)

Includes volunteers who’ve been through a training conducted by Rabbi Chai Levy or by the Jewish Family and Childrens Services and are individually selected by the rabbis to be an extension of rabbinic pastoral care. They are matched with congregants who have long-term illnesses or ongoing needs for visits. Their work supplements visits by the rabbis who are not able to make weekly visits. To volunteer, contact Rabbi Chai Levy at (415) 388-1818 or clevy@kolshofar.org.

Chevra Kadisha (Holy Burial Society)

Our Chevra Kadishaare loving and compassionate volunteers who help out when there is a death in our community. They bring comfort or food to those in mourning or help make a shiva minyan. Some are able to lead shiva minyan services; others do shmira (sitting with a body awaiting burial). Some have also been trained in tahara, the sacred act of preparing a body for burial. To be included on the list of volunteers to be contacted as help is needed, please contact Chevra Kadisha Coordinator Brenda Gates-Monasch at(415) 892-4130 or at brendargm@gmail.com.