Alternative Services

Musical Shabbat

Select Saturdays, March 14 & April 4  – Musical Shabbat Morning Service 9:45 a.m.

Jewish tradition teaches that if we open our hearts just a little bit, that God and those around us open it the rest of the way. Music is a “heart-opener” and takes us beyond words. Join us for our joyful, spirited, musical service.

We are pleased to share with you that this year’s Shabbat morning musical services will be led by Surya Prakasha, Dave Rosenstein, and Brian Rice, along with Jessie Leider and Rabbi Leider.  These wonderful musicians comprise the High Holy Day Musical Meditation Band and will join us for our traditional style Shabbat morning services.

Kol Neshama Minyan

Select Saturdays, January 18, March 21, 10:30 a.m.

Join our rabbis, lay leaders, and special guests for a musical, meditative, and participatory prayer experience, during which we’ll find quiet space to sink into the peace of Shabbat, and we’ll give joyous voice to our neshamas (souls) as we open our hearts to Shabbat and to each other. The words “kol neshama” means “voice of the soul/breath.” NO SHABBAT SIT!

Shabbat Sit

Saturdays, 11:30 a.m. except on Kol Neshama

Led by congregants Larry and Diane Yermack, this Saturday morning experience explores silence and connection to spirituality through simply being present. Using a technique called mindfulness meditation, you will find yourself slowing down, calming your mind and cultivating awareness, compassion and Jewish wisdom. Whether you are new to meditation or have many years of experience, you are warmly welcome. Larry and Diane have studied, taught, and practiced “mindfulness meditation” extensively, including teaching with Rabbis Sheila Weinberg and Jeff Roth. (No Shabbat Sit on Kol Neshama Minyan Mornings)