Beit Binah

For information about all family, preschool, school age and teen programing contact Jonathan Emanuel, Director of Education, or 415.388.1818 ext. 105.

Experience Joyous Communal Learning at Kol Shofar! Welcome to our wonderful community of Jewish learners, teachers and leaders. Our education programs reflect the best of Kol Shofar and its congregants. With an emphasis on core Jewish values, spiritual depth and making the world a better place, we continue to energize generations of Marin Jews to be leaders in our community and around the world. Your family and your child will be partners in our endeavor to ensure a bright future and a strong community for our Jewish people.


2013: December 20

2014: January 24, February 21, March 21, April 11 & May 16

5:30–6:15 Service

6:15–7:00 Shabbat dinner by advance reservation

Music and joy permeate this child-centered service. Help us celebrate Shabbat — Come just for the service or reserve in advance for a child-friendly catered dairy dinner – BYOB*.

RSVP and pay in advance to stay for a catered family friendly dinner.Cost: $12 adult $5 children 3–12, children 0–2 free.

Please contact Marcy Levey Klassen by Tuesday before each event at or 415-388-1818 ext. 100 to make payment.

Beit Binah:  Pre-K through 6th grade
Beit Binah means “house of understanding” in Hebrew. We believe that, rather than simply providing students with prayers to memorize and letting them struggle with terms and stories that have no personal connection, it is important to help your child integrate Jewish knowledge into his or own life. Our program is a carefully orchestrated experiential environment filled with opportunities for our children to learn from our rabbis, professional teachers, each other and to tap into the community as a tool for learning.

Students lead each other in prayer, social action, storytelling and Jewish arts, pushing one another to delve into the true meanings of Jewish life. We encourage discussion and debate around Jewish values with educators and teen leaders that serve as role models for how to live a Jewish life in today’s world. We use the wealth of educational resources available in the Bay Area, a hotbed of innovation in American Judaism, through field trips, speakers and resources that serve as Kol Shofar’s partners in providing a dynamic experience for our students.

Tichon:  7th – 12th grade
Our dynamic learner-centered program gives the high school student an opportunity to explore the connection between mitzvot and the modern world. By studying alongside their peers, exploring ancient and modern text, and focusing on arts and repairing the world, our teens are a close community of Jewish leaders who find themselves at home at the synagogue and with one another. The Tichon program is open to everyone in the community and we encourage teens from all over Marin to meet, learn and socialize with each other as a participant in this program.

Opportunities for Individual and Family Connections
YAMEI KEHILAH Community Holiday Celebrations
We know that Jewish connections are central in the formation of a strong Jewish identity, and we aim to make multiple access points for our families to connect to one another. Along with regular Beit Binah and Tichon on Sundays and Wednesdays, our exciting Yamei Kehilah program provides special integrated holiday programming and celebrations for the whole family, with music, food, arts and experiential learning offered for youth and their parents throughout the school year. The Yamei Kehilah community programs are open to all families in our community and we encourage your attendance and enjoyment.
Contact Jonathan Emanuel for information at or 415.388.1818 ext. 105.

We ask you, as a parent, to take an active role in enriching the Jewish life within our community by joining us for Sunday tefillah, holiday celebrations, Shabbat services and other community events. We also encourage you to connect to our Congregational Education Committee, comprised of congregants dedicated to providing the best experience for our youth. Above all, we aim to provide the joy and connectedness that is the essence of Jewish learning. Thank you for being our partner. Please contact me at any time with questions and suggestions that you may have.


Jonathan Emanuel,  Director of Education   or 415.388.1818 X 105

The mission of our school is to instill in our children a sense of kedusha — the holiness of being a Jew.
Religious education and family involvement at synagogue and at home reinforce each other in integrating Jewish values and traditions into a child’s life. Our school program follows Conservative Judaism’s educational guidelines in accomplishing the following goals:
• To teach Jewish values as a way of life.
• To teach synagogue skills, including reading Hebrew and understanding the tefillot (prayers), in order to feel comfortable in the synagogue.
• To teach our history, cultural heritage, including contemporary Israel in order to foster Jewish identity and participation in the world Jewish community.

The overall goal of the Beit Binah Curriculum is to produce Jews who are…
• Proud of their heritage
• Excited about being Jewish
• Observe, understand, and practice Jewish traditions
• Familiar with rituals and customs associated with Shabbat and holidays
• Knowledgeable and comfortable with the structure and content of the siddur
• Participate in tefillot (prayer)
• Understand the important Jewish values and mitzvot (commandments)
• See themselves as an important link in the chain of Am Yisrael and affirm their historic bond to the Land of Israel.


For Beit Binah information & application, please contact:
Jonathan Emanuel
Director of Education
415.388.1818 ext.105 •

As always, feel free to call or email me with any questions or concerns. If you need me during Beit Binah hours, call me on the Beit Binah cell phone (415) 686-7922.

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