Kashrut Symbols (PDF) The list covers hechshers from across the country, but doesn’t cover all of the many manyhechshersthat  are “out there,” especially if they are local ones covering areas that don’t have very large kosher communities. If you see a hechsher not on our list, always ask us, and we will add to the website as we need to.

Note: the letter ‘K’ all by itself is not a certified Hechsher.

A hechsher (Hebrew: הכשר‎ [ˈhɛχʃəʁkosher approval; plural: hechsherim) is the special certification symbol found on food products that have been certified as kosher (meaning “fit” for consumption). Jewish dietary laws (Kashrut) specify food items that may be eaten and others that are prohibited as set out in the commandments of the Torah.