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Want to sponsor a Do-It-Yourself Kiddush?

Here’s a guide with shopping lists, simple menus, and Marcy Levey-Klassen quantities needed to make it easy for you.


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Enjoying a community Kiddush following services is one of the unique ways that we, at Kol Shofar, help to joyfully build our relationships and support each other. We have now started a new approach to providing food for our Shabbat Kiddush. This new procedure will be used for the Kiddushes during this next year that are not programmatic celebrations or sponsored by a b’nei mitzvah family.

Please consider sponsoring a Kiddush to celebrate a simcha or to honor or remember a special person;

Two menu levels with caterers who can prepare and drop off our kosher Kiddushes.

  • The $400 menu offers bagels, cream cheese, tuna salad OR egg salad either a green salad or fruit salad, challah, coffee/tea and dessert for 80 people
  • The $600 menu offers mini bagels, cream cheese, tuna salad AND egg salad either a green salad/or seasonal salad, fruit salad, challah, coffee/tea and dessert for 80 people
  • For $200 or $300, one can co-sponsor a Kiddush at one of the above levels by finding another co-sponsor to share the day with you.