Kol Shofar’s Adult Education program is dedicated to the pursuit of lifelong learning and spiritual and intellectual growth.

With a broad spectrum of classes, lectures, special events and activities, participants can learn about and enhance their knowledge of Torah, Jewish authors, prayer book Hebrew, Jewish history, philosophy, the Talmud, cooking, Kabbalah, Jewish rituals for the home, and many more topics.

Our teachers include Kol Shofar’s rabbis, visiting rabbis, rabbis who are among our membership, nationally known speakers, and knowledgeable lay experts.

Judaism 101

Kol Shofar offers an 18-week Judaism 101 course each year in partnership with the Miller Introduction to Judaism program at the American Jewish University in Los Angeles. 

This 18-week course is for those who would like to learn about Judaism from the ground up, or to fill in gaps from what they learned (or didn’t learn) as a child. The class also prepares those considering conversion. It covers Hebrew pronunciation, biblical and rabbinic writings, history and culture, holy days, festivals, Shabbat, Jewish concepts of God and ethics, life cycle, dietary laws and Israel. By the end of the course, students will be able to read aloud any Hebrew text with vowels. Students who wish to take a single class by topic may do so. Topical learning begins a half hour into the session.

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