Conversations in Aging

A Support Group for Adults Ages 70 and Older

As we transition into our 70s, 80s and 90s we are confronted with the reality that the issues that are pertinent to this phase of life are unique and often disconcerting.   What we had taken for granted in our younger years is being challenged:  our health and mental acuity; the reliability of friends and family; our daily routines and role definitions; our sense of identity. Recognizing these challenges, Conversations in Aging is a group format where members can join with each other to identify and discuss issues and questions related to this phase of life. As a process group, confidentiality is vital as is a commitment to attend all sessions


As a support group confidentiality and anonymity is vital as is a commitment to attend all sessions.  Facilitators: Esme Gordon, Esther Stone.  To participate, please contact Esther Stone at