Diane Cohen Zack Volunteer Leadership Award 2020

Highlighting an individual in our community who exemplifies leadership & volunteerism:

Kol Shofar is proud to honor this year’s award winner:

Nana Meyer
Kol Shofar welcomed Nana in 1988 and she has been a passionate member ever since.  Nana remembers joining Kol Shofar because it reminded her of the community in which she was raised. Her father was a rabbi in a “one shul town” and she was used to a small community that felt more like a large family than an institution.  Kol Shofar was a perfect fit!
Having been raised as a rabbi’s kid, she has a huge respect, a lot of affection and a great deal of empathy for rabbis and all that they do.  Almost all her volunteer work at Kol Shofar has been in an effort to support our various rabbis. She joined the Ritual Committee at Kol Shofar shortly after coming to our community and eventually chaired the committee for many years.  Simultaneously, she served on the Board of Directors for several terms and also served on the Executive Committee of the synagogue.  Little by little, she increased her duties over the years, organizing service leaders on Shabbat morning, inviting student and teen participation, and helping to organize High Holy Day services, among other tasks.

Nana often takes on the roll of supporting congregants on Shabbat mornings, fostering a welcoming environment.  She currently serves as our Shabbat morning Gabbai, a role that she finds profoundly satisfying for many reasons.  She also loves rolling and setting the Torahs each week for our Shabbat and Holiday Torah readings.  We are so grateful to have her in our community!

While Sheltering in Place, Nana has been practicing T’ai Chi, selling houses, studying Zohar, meditating, reading Daf Yomi, perfecting her cocktail skills, hanging out with her adorable labradoodle, Rosie, and spending an inordinate amount of time on Zoom.  We are so grateful to have her in our community!