Leave a Legacy

As a congregation rooted in the enduring values of Jewish traditions, Kol Shofar embraces innovations that enrich contemporary Jewish life in Marin. We each bring a unique set of interests and talents to Kol Shofar, yet we share a fundamental commitment to maintaining a vibrant, relevant synagogue and to ensuring that future generations have an opportunity to embrace our heritage through this exceptional community. We invite you to consider providing essential support for Kol Shofar by including us in your estate plans

A Legacy for Kol Shofar
The principles that guide our daily lives often lead us to make charitable gifts that align with our values. Many decide to make legacy gifts. The term “legacy gift” covers a range of options. You can give through your will or trust, with a life insurance policy, or from a retirement account. You might even be able to provide income for yourself and/or a loved one and realize important tax benefits.

Endowment Gifts
You can ensure your values are inextricably linked to future generations at Kol Shofar with an endowment, so the traditions that are meaningful to you will exist and thrive well into the future.

Gifts by Will or Living Trust
With a will or living trust you can retain complete control of your assets during your lifetime, provide for your loved ones’ financial security and also leave a meaningful legacy to Kol Shofar. When you make or update your will, you may include a gift to Kol Shofar of a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, what is left after family and friends are taken care of, or even your home.

Gifts From Retirement Funds and Insurance Policies
You can name Kol Shofar to receive assets that may remain in retirement plans or savings and investment accounts, or make Kol Shofar the beneficiary of a life insurance policy you no longer need for its original purpose. To do this, simply complete a beneficiary designation form that you can obtain from the insurance company or plan/account administrator.
Why consider this type of gift?

  • There’s no need to alter estate planning documents you may
    already have in place.
  • Your estate could benefit from tax savings.
  • You may be able to make a more significant gift than you ever expected!

Gifts That Provide Income
Some gift plans allow you to make a gift to Kol Shofar and receive a reliable income for life or a period you choose, for yourself and/ or others. Afterwards, the remaining assets become a meaningful gift to Kol Shofar.

Give Now or Later
Giving real estate, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or other property that has increased in value over the years can be a great way to provide support to Kol Shofar—and may result in significant tax savings. The sale of appreciated property can trigger capital gains tax. If you use these assets to
make a charitable gift instead, you may be able to reduce—or even completely avoid— capital gains tax and also claim an income tax deduction based on the full value of the property

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