Music and Prayer in the Sanctuary

Since March of 2016, Congregation Kol Shofar has been experimenting with introducing music into the Shabbat morning sanctuary services as a periodic pilot.  After the first several services, the congregation was surveyed for feedback on these new services.

As of January 2018, the service has expanded into being offered approximately twice per month between September and May. Musical services are scheduled around clergy and musician availability.  While we would like to pace them out a bit, or assign a specific Shabbat of the month (i.e. 1st and 3rd), we are not always able to do so.  We also work around the b’nei mitzvah schedule, as we currently do not offer musical services on a Shabbat when there is a Bar or Bat Mitzvah.


Enjoy some clips from our Musical Services:

Prayer: El Adon
We used this beautiful Sephardic melody

Prayer: Ein Kamokha

Prayer: Torah Processional, beginning with Shma

Prayer: L’dor v’dor

Prayer: Ein Keloheinu

Prayer: Hallelujah

Prayer: Hashevota

Click here and select Track 10

All song selections were graciously provided by the following artists for distribution to our congregation and community:

A Taste of Mishkan | Music for an Inspired Year

Ikar | Barukh HaMakom | Songs of Shabbat Morning
Copyright 2009

Judeo | Judeo
Copyright 2012