Tikkun Olam

“There shall be no needy among you…”
(Deuteronomy 15:4)

Kol Shofar offers many opportunities to engage in Tikkun Olam at the synagogue and in our surrounding community. To volunteer for these projects, please contact the coordinators below. If you have an idea for a new project or for those without a coordinator, please contact Rabbi Steinberg at (415) 388-1818 or dcastelli at kolshofar dot org

Perform the Mitzvah of Feeding the Homeless
The Mill St Shelter team is looking for a few more volunteers to help us prepare and deliver a meal once a month to Mill St. Your assignment would be to prepare a part of the meal once every Two months. If you would like to be a part of this remarkable team, Contact Esther at rstadtler at sbcglobal dot net

Mill Street Shelter – at Mill Street Homeless Shelter in San Rafael (190 Mill St.)
Once a month, usually the first Sunday, join us as we prepare and serve brunch for 20-30 residents and enjoy the meal with them. Contact Randi Lachter at (415) 888-2241, rlachter at gmail dot com with questions.  Or sign up:
Time: 9:30 a.m – 11:15 a.m.

Kol Shofar Street Chaplaincy Homeless Dinners
Kol Shofar has the opportunity to perform the mitzvah of serving dinner for the Street Chaplaincy Homeless initiative on Tuesday, April 2, 2019 at First Presbyterian Church in San Rafael, 1510 Fifth Avenue. We invite volunteers to 1.) Bring food and 2.) Help with prep, serving and clean up. Sign up to bring food and/or to be a helper by clicking here.

Volunteer Tutors Needed: Marin County School Volunteers to Adopt-A-School
MCSV offers opportunities for Marin students to receive tutoring and mentoring support and for community members to engage in meaningful volunteer activities. Marin’s public school population includes significant numbers of ‘at risk’ students. Many of these children are English language learners from recent immigrant families who live in poverty and are eligible for free and reduced lunch. MCSV focuses its efforts on these students at targeted schools.

The MCSV Adopt-A-School model pairs a community organization with a high need school. Kol Shofar has chosen to partner with Laurel Dell Elementary School in San Rafael. (MCSV is also happy to place volunteers at a school site of their choice if preferred). Laurel Dell is an MCSV targeted school. MCSV will provide an orientation session for congregants from Kol Shofar who are interested in volunteering.  Sign up with Newt Harband at newtonharband at gmail dot com.

First Light Farm
Community Supported Agriculture
Buy a fresh box of delicious fruits and vegetables! Sign up here. Send questions to Lisa via email.

Community Organizing

Bay Area Industrial Areas Foundation (Bay Area IAF)
We Organize for the Common Good
The Bay Area IAF is a broad-based network of local institutions—faith-based, non-profit, educational, labor, and civic organizations—that come together to develop leaders, identify shared issues affecting our communities, and take action around these issues.

The Bay Area IAF is strictly non-partisan and is multi-issue. Our member institutions work together to develop our local agendas by engaging constituents, both within and across our institutions, in conversations about the issues affecting their families, neighborhoods and communities.

Caring Community

Blood Drives
To volunteer for a blood drive, please contact: Chloe at cgrey at kolshofar dot org

Gemilut Chesed (Deeds of Loving Kindness)
Gemilut Chesed volunteers at Kol Shofar recognize that through deeds of loving-kindness, we show our love and responsibility to friends and to our community.  By celebrating lifecycle events or by comforting mourners and the ill, we seek connections to one another. We provide meals for the ill or bereaved, visit the sick, and help with errands. To be included on the list of volunteers to be contacted as help is needed, please contact Rabbi Leider at (415) 388-1818 or Dawn at Dcastelli at kolshofar dot org

Bikkur Cholim (Visiting the Sick)
Includes volunteers who’ve been through a training conducted by Rabbi Chai Levy or by the Jewish Family and Childrens Services and are individually selected by the rabbis to be an extension of rabbinic pastoral care. They are matched with congregants who have long-term illnesses or ongoing needs for visits. Their work supplements visits by the rabbis who are not able to make weekly visits. To volunteer, Contact Dawn at Dcastelli at kolshofar dot org

Chevra Kadisha (Holy Burial Society)
Our loving and compassionate volunteers who help out when there is a death in our community. They bring comfort or food to those in mourning or help make a shiva minyan. Some are able to lead shiva minyan services; others do shmira (sitting with a body awaiting burial). Some have also been trained in tahara, the sacred act of preparing a body for burial. To be included on the list of volunteers to be contacted as help is needed, contact Dawn at dcastelli at kolshofar dot org

B’nei Mitzvah Class Tikkun Olam Projects
Our B’nei Mitzvah kids learn about taking responsibility for their community through monthly Tikkun Olam Projects. Contact Rabbi Paul Steinberg at psteinberg at kolshofar dot org

Be the Match: Help Norah get a Bone Marrow Transplant Match!
Congregants Ed and Sharon Cushman are a part of a community of people helping a young child in our Bay Area Jewish Community.  Norah, was recently diagnosed with  Fanconi Anemia, and she needs a bone marrow match.  We are inviting the community to registered with Be The Match, the national bone marrow donor registry. If you are not a candidate, please know that the biggest impact that any of you can have is to share Norah’s story and to encourage as many people in your communities as possible to register. Finding a match is a numbers game and the more people in the registry, the better the chances of Norah and others in need finding a life-saving match.

Nora’s family have built a website for all to share: www.norahneedsyou.com 
and a Facebook page:  http://www.facebook.com/NorahNeedsYou 

While we encourage you to visit the website first, the direct link to sign up with the Be the Match Registry through Norah’s campaign is https://join.bethematch.org/swabfornorah